Has Anything Ever Looked More Like a Penis Than This?

There's a yoga studio near where I live.  But I'm pretty sure it's not actually a yoga studio because I'm almost positive that it's some sort of underground penis cartel or something:

Like the black market, but for penises instead of kidneys.

UPDATE:  While I was walking back from taking pictures of the penis cartel, I found the most joyful graffiti ever:

Some deviant bought like, nine cans of spray paint and proceeded to scrawl happy little children across the side of a building.  I don't know waht SxFxh means, but I'm assuming that it's German for "look at all the happy children!"

UPDATE:  All this talk about "one ball" concerns me... are we seeing the same thing?  There are most definitely two balls there... they are on the bottom of the image.  The penis is pointing upward.  Please tell me that I don't have to draw a translation for this...