"M" is for "Moderation" and "S" is for "Stop Ruining My Childhood with Your Social Consciousness!!"

Apparently cookie monster is on a diet.  Instead of being like "Yay cookies!  I want to eat all the cookies in the world and then turn the world into a cookie and eat the world and then turn myself into a cookie and eat myself! COOKIES ARE MY MANA!!!"  Now he's like "Cookies are alright, I guess.  Eat them sometimes if you want.  Be sure to eat your veggies kids.  FML."

This may be old news to you guys, but I just found out yesterday, so bear with me in this time of change and total reexamination of my self-worth.  I feel molested.  It's like some creepy guy took over Sesame Street and now he's touching my childhood in its bad parts with his grabby no-no hands.

Anyway, drawing pictures helps me deal with my life and how it was coddled and nurtured and then ruined by Sesame Street: