Disappointment (UPDATED)

UPDATE: As of this morning...

This happens several times a day.  I'll be like "maybe I'm famous now..." and I get all excited and go check, but no.  Still not famous.

UPDATE #2:  For clarification, when I say "famous" I mean "famous enough to drink dragon tears out of a goblet made from petrified angel feathers while watching an HD video of myself accepting the Nobel prize in a category that was invented specifically to accommodate my excellence - like the Nobel Fantastic Awesome Rad prize."  I'm not nearly that famous yet, but I will be, dammit.

UPDATE #3:  Veronica just sent me this startlingly accurate picture of me accepting any one of the various awards I'll be receiving in the future:

Doesn't that just look so natural?  I'm pretty sure that is the facial expression I was born to make.