Is a Beagle puppies a good house dog?

Interesting facts about the Beagle

Beagles reach 10-15 kg and 33-40 cm shoulder height when fully grown.

These dogs come in piebald colors. However, I can only convey the colors that are also shown on this page. THREE-COLOUR COLORFUL. They only come in the short hair type.

Beagles are also suitable for being kept in apartments, but with due exercise and time. They always want to be close to their owners. They are very popular with city dwellers because they are so easy to care for.

Due to their willingness to learn and their good-natured nature, they are also very well suited for people without much experience with dogs.Beagles are popular in town and country with both young and old because they are very adaptable and get along well with children, cats and all other animals.

All dogs from the hound family are very pleasant, loyal, well-tolerated and non-aggressive domestic dogs. They love walks in the woods and hidden object games. In the forest, the Beagle absolutely has to be on a leash. His breed-specific talent is tracking, and he would instinctively pursue it if not on a leash.

Hunting dog does not mean that the dog wants to capture rabbits, but it was bred to serve the hunter. In his case, to track down the game for him via his scent.Their floppy ears and the beautiful coloring of their fur give them a gentle and friendly facial expression. Her beautiful pigmentation around her eyes immediately enchants and emphasizes her good-natured look.

With an approximate shoulder height of up to 40 cm, they belong to the medium-sized dog breeds.

Their fur is short and dries quickly, these dogs are quite weatherproof and insensitive to cold and heat. They always have a very easy-care coat without any maintenance effort, which only begins to shine through loving caressing. Well cared for, they are admired everywhere for their beauty and cheerful nature.


Beagles possess a smart, lovable personality and should be raised with loving consistency. They are one of the easily trainable breeds and are often encountered and recognized immediately.They come across as headstrong and often stubborn, but are in fact very docile and well liked by their owners and valued for their loyalty.

Probably the most famous Beagle is Snoopy by Charlie Brown. If you've ever seen this cartoon of the countless pranks Snoopy pulls on his humans, you can imagine a fun and varied life with a beagle.They are generally very strong and healthy, but not invulnerable. That is why these dogs, especially the puppies, must always be kept with care and protected from dangers (sockets, pool, etc.).

Dogs with floppy ears should have their ears cleaned from time to time, but only when necessary.The Beagles are very, very child friendly and please ensure your children are dog friendly too.They belong to the group of companion and hunting dogs with a pleasantly high level of intelligence and a very lovable, gentle character.

They are always friendly to everyone and always wag their tails to show it. They are docile and train themselves almost by themselves. Dogs of this fabulous breed are highly praised by their owners, who are more than happy to recommend them to beginners. However, the Beagle should always be walked on a leash.