How Do Vets Dispose of Euthanized Pets

Vets Dispose of Euthanized Pets

Goodbyes are always hard and painful when it involves someone close to you. And it can get extremely difficult when you have to determine their fate alone.

The decision to get your pet euthanized can be quite overwhelming but trust me you’re doing the best you could, you always have.

Vets Dispose

If you are planning to make your appointment and got questions on how do vets dispose of euthanized pets, don’t worry I am here for you.

You may have already observed strange death behaviour in your dog that may have made you think that its time to put it to rest.

Place of Practice

Is your Dog hospitalized or being taken care of at home? Because you have a choice to decide the place for the practice. 

Most people usually opt for the clinic as home visits are a little expensive and making adjustments according to your vet’s schedule may result in too much pressure in an emotional situation like this one.

So, you have two options:

  • Vet Clinic
  • Home Euthanasia

However, it is best to discuss all the possible options with your vet. Perhaps, doing your companion’s last rites from your own house might comfort you more.

What happens when your dog dies at the vet

How do vets euthanize pets and do you want to be there when the vet is carrying out the process? I am sure it’s one difficult call to make.

But your pal would want to have a peaceful ending of their life seeing your face. So, keeping all of this in mind you either wait in the waiting area or have your me-time in your car.

After the process is done the choice of method to dispose of your euthanized pet solely belongs to you and not the vet.

The vet or any of the staff at the clinic might ask your plan regarding the proper disposal of your dog’s carcasses.

Meanwhile, the animal is turned to the side by the vet to allow natural stiffening of the body to occur which will allow ease in handling and transportation.

Proper disposal of Dogs Carcasses

To prevent any hurried decisions I would advise you to pre-plan things. But, if you haven’t thought about it yet. It is OK.

I understand and I am sure they would too. Nonetheless, this part would depend on your circumstances and religious beliefs.

How do vets dispose of euthanized pets? You can choose from the most commonly preferred methods, burial, and cremation.


Not being able to see your loyal friend can be heartbreaking but if you wish to have them around you all the time you can pick home burial for your dog. After all, they have been right by side through your thick and thin.

On the other hand, a constant reminder of their presence in your backyard might be depressing for you.

So, in that case, you should go for burial at a pet cemetery. Take a break, sit and think about what you want.

You can live with all the beautiful memories they will leave for you to remember them.


I’m sure you have questions regarding the process. Hang in there, I’ll provide you with all the necessary answers.

How is disposal of euthanized pet and Cremation related? The remains of your friend are burned in a special furnace.

The time may vary from 35 minutes to 3 hours depending upon the size of your dog.

Your vet will assist in arranging transportation to the crematory from the clinic and in some cases they also help in planning prior visits.

This is done for you to see and be comfortable with the crematory facility.

How long does it take to get a cremated dog back

After the process, the ashes are collected which may be handed over to you at your request.

But some people express their wish to the staff and leave the rest on them. No judgments if you think that way too. I know going back could trigger guilt in you.

Anyways, if you wish to get the ashes they will either be delivered to you or your vet. (if they offer the service).

They can also tell you to hand-pick it yourself. The usual time is 2-3 weeks but it can be arranged early as well.

The facility will fix a specific time and date for you. Why is it important? Because receiving the ashes can make you emotional they want you to take your time in accepting that it’s done.

What do vets do with ashes

Your vet would play an essential role in helping you dispose of your euthanised pet.

Likewise, when he receives the ashes from the crematory he will hand them over to you and guide you regarding the next step.

You can keep the ashes with you in a nice container with a photo of your pet on the wall in their remembrance.

Now, If you’re thinking about keeping the ashes at home while being surrounded by other pets I understand your sentiments and care towards them. We, pet owners, do think the same way. So, let’s cover that too.

Can my dog smell my other dog’s ashes

Dogs have a strong sense of smell. You know that don’t you? Yes, they can smell the ashes and differentiate between human or animal urn too.

Therefore, if you want my opinion on it. I wouldn’t recommend keeping it at home.

Despite this, if you are reluctant to keep the ashes, it’s completely your call to make and there is no right or wrong in it.

In case you change your mind consider burying the ashes or simply scatter them in a suitable place.

Planning to Scatter my dog’s ashes

Indeed, nothing lasts forever no matter how sad it gets we all somehow learn to manage.

This is probably the last step you will take to finally lay your buddy in peace once and for all.

Moreover, that’s how vets would recommend you dispose of the euthanized pet too.

Scattering the urn in your pet’s favorite spot might hold a sentimental value for you and you can always visit it when you miss your dog.

Trust me, you will feel better after experiencing it. Hence, make a list of all such places and finalize it after discussing it with your family. Just take good care of all the laws while doing so.

Thank you note to vet for euthanasia

Everybody deserves appreciation for doing good, I guess we all do. Therefore, pen down a thank you note for your vet beforehand as you will be busy grieving later on.

In a way, the vet loses a bond too. A puppy patient who grew up to be an adult dog. Sharing grief will help you as well.

At the end of the day, the vet is someone who will be there for you in the most devastating time of your life.

What to do if my Vet loses my dog’s ashes.

Although this is very RARE it can still happen. I pray that no one has to go through this but it is important to address this for my pet loving family.

This articles is aimed on describing how do vets dispose of euthanized pets but things could get on the other side too.Just in case your vet fails to dispose off your euthanize pet.

Thinking about this gives me goosebumps but if I am honest with you, there is not much you can do except asking them to look for it and later demanding for a sincere apology which you will surely receive.

Nonetheless, you should ask for a memorial piece or something to compensate for your loss.

I hope on reaching the end you have probably found the answer to “How Do vets Dispose of euthanized pets”

I’d conclude by saying that getting over the love you two have shared is not easy, but in the difficult time, I wish you all the strength to get over it.

I may not be there physically but I’m always here to help you with my blog so this one is the memory of your doggo. May it rest eternal peace.