How To Take Care Of The Right Poodle Puppy

Interested In Owning A Poodle Dog? Here's How To Take Care Of It!

Hello guys, are you one of those who like poodle dogs? These adorable little animals really attract attention. Moreover, this type of dog includes a smart, funny, and cheerful dog.

Poodle itself comes from Germany which later breeds in France. So if you want to keep this imported dog breed, it is very important to understand and know how to care for a poodle dog.

Poodle Puppy

Actually, how to care for poodles is almost the same as other dog breeds, but you have to prepare more budget for their care.

This must be prepared because they are a type of dog that gets sick easily and requires some special care.Thus, you must always carry out routine health checks at the vet, buy grooming needs, and eradicate worms.

In addition, you also have to pay attention to several other important parts, which include:So that you don't make a mistake, let's look at the full review.

How to take care of a poodle dog does require energy and a thick bag, but for the sake of your pet, you must be willing to do it. Here are the steps

Giving Age-Appropriate Food

At this stage if you want to give your dog food , it is important to adjust it to the age of the dog you are raising.Because the needs for protein, nutrients, and calories are different and adjusted to age. Therefore, you have to pay attention and see it thoroughly about the food. 

It is better to give the food only dry food, because it is much healthier and better for your dog's development later.

Compared to having to give him wet food, because it will have a bad effect on the plaque in his mouth later. So you have to really pay attention to it and just choose dry food. Regarding the timing of feeding your poodle at home, you can pay attention to the age of your favorite dog.

For those who are still 3 months old, give 3 meals and those aged 6 months to adults can give 2 meals. This is very important to pay attention to so that the growth and development is well maintained and healthy. 

Don't forget to always provide plenty of drinking water and change it every day and wash some of the containers every few days. 

Doing Hair Treatment Or Grooming

The interesting thing about this dog is the appearance of its fur which is charming and adorable to look at, like a living doll.However, behind its beauty you must really be able to take care of its fur, because poodles have a type of curly fur that always grows every day. 

The poodle's own fur doesn't fall out easily compared to other dogs, but if you don't clean it, it will get tangled easily and a lot of dirt will stick to it.So every day you have to do grooming every day and take a few minutes to be able to clean and care for the fur. 

Choose special equipment available from pet stores for grooming the fur, if you want to do this it's better to first wet it with water spray on the top of the fur.This will prevent the fur from building up and the cleaning process will be much easier and cleaner to do. 

Don't forget to cut the hair every 3 weeks - 8 weeks, you can adjust the length or short. If you don't want to be careless in cutting it, you can go directly to a special animal salon.

Pay Attention To The Ears

The poodle has a lot of hair on its ears, if it is ignored it will clog the ear canal.

Of course, how to take care of this poodle, you have to take it to the vet for the extraction process. Because it cannot be done alone, because it will affect other health aspects if carelessly. 

There is some debate about the process of hair removal in poodles, but you can immediately consult the nearest veterinarian first.

However, the impact of not cleaning it is that the dog has an ear infection, so it must be considered and not done carelessly.This is very important and the best step is to visit a veterinarian for future treatment. 

Caring For Dog Teeth

Poodle breeds are among the most susceptible to tartar formation, if it continues to accumulate it will cause an unpleasant odor and teeth will fall out.

Thus you have to take care and brush your teeth regularly. At this stage you can use a children's toothbrush to take care of the teeth. 

Make sure you use a special dog toothpaste that you can get at the vet or the nearest vet shop from home.Avoid using toothpaste directly from humans, because it makes an upset stomach when dogs swallow it. Do it slowly and position the poodle in the right position so that it is comfortable to rub. 

If your dog doesn't want to have his teeth brushed, an alternative is to give him a dental chew. This one product can help dogs to clean their teeth on the back and can be cleaner in the future. 

Pay Attention To His Health

If the poodle in your house is still small, it is very important to take him to the vet regularly.

But if your dog is more than 7 years old, you can take him to the doctor every 6 months or every 12 months. This action is taken to monitor his health continuously. So that if there are disturbances or problems, early detection can be carried out so that your beloved dog is always healthy.

By entrusting it to the experts, your dog can be monitored properly. In the future, the form of handling can be done, starting from checking the symptoms of the disease, giving vaccines, and vitamins. 

In addition, doing this health check monitors the dog to avoid parasite and worm problems. Thus, the sooner you find out the problem with your dog, the more healthy your pet will be and will not experience serious problems in the future. 

That's how to care for a poodle dog that you can understand. Hopefully useful and always make sure you have excess funds if you want to take care of poodle dogs so that they can be guaranteed a life.