Don't get excited, this is just an update...

I've been getting lots of emails with subject lines like "R U dead???" and "POST SOMETHING MOTHERF*CKER!"  and "Wheeeerrrrrree aaaaaarrrrrrrre yyyooooooouuuuu???"

I've been posting updates on Twitter, but Twitter is stupid and soulless and many of you (understandably) don't use it, so I thought it would be prudent to give you guys an update here as well.

Okay, so remember when I almost died? That happened again, but not as bad this time. The last couple days have been like playing "Guess Who"with diseases, but I'm pretty sure my doctors finally figured out what's wrong with me and it probably doesn't have anything to do with my heart, which is good. The heart weirdness is most likely a benign genetic anomaly that is unrelated to the fainting, fevers, low blood pressure, and abdominal pain.

Anyway, I finally decided to make a fan page for this blog on Facebook as a way to give updates like this without having to make a whole new post about it: 

If you're looking for medical details, that's where they'll be posted.  I'm doing it this way because I understand that some of you are squeamish and I didn't want to be like "Hey!  Guess what's wrong with my organs?!" and then have you be all "Holy crap, why would you tell me that without any warning?"

You're welcome.

Edited to add:  You can still view the Facebook page without having to get your own Facebook account.  Yay!  Also, there's a tab that let's you choose to see only comments from me or comments from everybody.  If you're looking for information, it might be easiest to click the "Only Hyperbole and a Half" tab.

In summary:  Still not dead; will post soon.