I had to go to the dentist again today.  To get a crown.  And fillings.  It was my first time.  This is what I felt like this morning:

After three hours of drilling and twelve shots of novocain, I can't feel my face at all.  Or my throat.   This is what I feel like right now:

Or possibly this one:

I had to get the crown because my tooth had a conjoined twin that was getting cavities all up in its shit.  They had to get rid of the conjoined twin tooth and then file the remaining tooth down and put a temporary fake tooth over it.  It was pretty dramatic:

Anyway, now I'm all pissed off, sitting at home, unable to feel my face or eyes or throat.  I can't even eat because I have no control of my swallowing muscles and I'm home alone and I'd probably choke and the paramedics would find me and be like "Oh no, her face is all fucked up.  She must have had a stroke.   Why was she eating raw pork?  Oh wait... that's her own lip."

I think this is probably the saddest day ever.