It's Too Late to Apologize, Kyle... But Do You Still Want to See Me Strip?

Remember when I wrote that post  responding to that guy named Kyle who called me ugly and unfunny and it was exactly like when Tyra Banks got called fat and then protested by coming out on stage in a bathing suit and everybody said “wow, she’s so brave!” and she was lauded as a hero by self-esteem challenged women everywhere?

That was pretty sweet.

Anyway, I made a video. It's for Kyle.

It may or may not be work-safe, but I think that it probably is. I took special care not to show too much skin, but I make no guarantees about this being work safe if your boss can't handle massive amounts of pure, unadulterated sexiness.

I am warning you that this will probably make you feel weird inside... like being molested or witnessing someone you don't know giving birth. But it has to be done. It just has to be. God told me to do it.

Oh, and I talk in this video, so that means you'll hear my voice and it will probably be all different than what you were expecting and you might develop some sort of psychological disorder if you've become attached to the way you have been imagining my voice. Just prepare yourself, okay?

I start talking almost right away, so you don't have much time to acclimate once the video starts and then I start taking my clothes off and that is awkward and you'll probably die if you go straight from being shocked about my voice to being shocked about my sexiness with no break in between. If you expect to be deeply disturbed by my voice if it is higher or lower than you expected, please take a moment to calm yourself after the initial shock before proceeding with the video. I'm serious, guys.

Anyway, if Kyle was wondering whether he could say sorry for calling me ugly and just let things go back to the way they used to be, this video should clear things up for him: