Guess What I Did All Night?

Boyfriend and I...

... spent the entire night cleaning up fiberglass dust from our house.

The guy who installed our insulation blew it into all of our cold air re-uptake ducts and left us to figure out how to deal with the mess.

We borrowed an industrial-sized vacuum from our neighbors and started sucking all of the insulation out of our ducts, but we didn't stop when the vacuum got too full and it started blowing all of the insulation that was once packed safely inside of it all over our house.

It was like snow, only itchy and carcinogenic.

I thought I would at least make the best of it and give you guys a good laugh...

I don't own goggles of any sort, so I had to rig up some fiberglass-dust-proof eyewear on my own.  I am wearing clear glasses and a superhero mask from a halloween costume:

Then I had to find a way to keep the stuff out of my lungs...

That getup turned out to be not quite enough to prevent the itchy lungs, so I went a little more extreme:

And when even this bizarre facewear failed to protect me from inhaling noxious particles, I had to pull out all the stops:

I would like to take this opportunity to explain why I am wearing a skirt instead of full protective clothing.  You see, the ambient temperature was roughly eleventy-million degrees, so the skin on my legs had to be sacrificed so that the rest of my body could survive while wearing three face masks, a scarf and several shirts.

The ridiculousness of it all is overwhelming.