Sorcerer is my 100th follower!

People seem to like celebrating round numbers (and especially 100 of anything), so I figured I would offer him a prize for being the 100th person to like me.  That's right.  He gets the prize and not any of the 99 people who discovered me before him.  Just because he was 100th.

But don't fret, other 99 followers!  His prize really isn't that cool (pssst... Sorcerer... your prize actually is cool, but don't tell anyone).

As mentioned, probably ad nauseam, I am poor, so I have to get creative with my gifts.

I hereby grant Sorcerer the opportunity to choose the topic of a blog post.  He can pick any topic he wants and I will write about it and try to make it funny.

And... go!

Edit:  Okay, now I have 99 followers... whoever it is that un-followed me:  I know what you are doing, you prankster.  If you really want to pick a topic for one of my blog posts, go ahead.  You don't have to be 100th to be special...