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The Husky Lab mix is a cross between a Husky and a purebred Labrador Retriever

Although it is impossible to exactly predict the traits and appearance of any mixed breed, you can expect a medium to large sized dog.

Generally the Husky Lab mix is intelligent, active and outgoing. From appearance to care, socialization to training. Next to the Border Collie Lab Mix, the Husky Lab mix is one of the most popular Lab Mixes.

The first thing that you should know about their breed is that this is a highly energetic dog. With both parents being breed to work, no wonder that this is a very high energy dog.

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The Husky Lab Mix is a highly intelligent dog that will respond very well to positive reinforcement training. However depending on which parent they take after, their eagerness to learn can be different. Learn more about Husky Lab mix training in our breed guide. #huskylabmixtraining #huskylabmix #huskadortraining

Husky lab mix brown. Best Lab Mix Breeds. The best Lab mix breeds are of course a matter of opinion. As with any purebred dog, it depends entirely upon why you want a canine companion. If you want a small Lab mix as a family companion then getting one who is crossed with a smaller, calmer breed is a good choice. A Silver lab husky mix is an outcome of crossbreeding by purebred Labrador retriever and a Siberian Husky.

Apart from the segregation of father or mother, the parents must be purebreds. It is one of the most popular Lab Mixes having high demand. As the parents of this breed are working dogs, so they are full of high energy. Husky Lab Mix Puppies.

 A Husky Lab Mix will cost between $400 and $800 USD. When a Husky and Lab mate, it can be difficult to predict the litter size: The litter size may be smaller like Huskies, comprising of around 4-6 puppies. Or it may be a large litter size, resembling a Lab’s litter of around 6-8 puppies.

Have you ever wanted a Lab with two different colored eyes? No problemo! Just add a bit of husky to the mix! Of course, not all huskies have two different colored eyes, so your Labsky may end up with matching peepers. But some do end up with the common husky eye-color combination of brown and blue. Feb 2, 2020 - Explore Beth's board "Husky lab mixes" on Pinterest. 

See more ideas about Husky lab mixes, Husky lab, Funny animal pictures. Because any Lab and Husky mix puppy may inherit known health issues from either the Labrador or the Husky gene pool, it is critical to conduct health testing when selecting a designer dog puppy. This is the only way to know if breed-specific congenital health issues may be present.

Commonly, you can find a Husky Lab mix with brown or blue eyes, but they are also likely to get a pair of eyes with different colors, a condition otherwise known as heterochromia. A Husky Lab mix’s ears may either be upright (inherited from the Husky) or flopped down (like the Labrador). Jul 22, 2017 - The Labrador Husky is a spitz type of dog that was bred for work as a very strong, fast sled dog; it is a purebred originating from Canada. 

Although the breed's name may be baffling, it is not a mix between a Labrador Retriever and a husky. The breed is very little known, and there are no breed clubs that currently recognize it. Some Husky Lab Mix may have Husky like features while others may closely resemble a Labrador Retriever. 

The mix breed has a double coat, with short to medium length silky hair. Their coat colors can range from a variety of different colors, including chocolate, copper, brown, black, and white.

The Husky Lab Mix is a cross of a Siberian Husky and a Labrador Retriever, also known as Labsky or Huskador. The Husky Lab Mix is a medium dog at about 20 to 25 inches tall, weighing between 40 to 60 pounds. The lifespan of this crossbreed is around 10 to 15 years. 

Caring for a Husky Lab Mix. Chocolate Lab Husky mix, Yellow Labrador Husky mix, or Black Lab Husky mix are the usual colors of this dog breed. If you are interested in getting one, you need to know how to take care of them. Since they are loaded with energy, you need to make sure your dog gets to expel that energy so he can be happy. 

Husky Lab Mix Overview. Size – 22 to 25 inches tall and 40 to 60 pounds; Coat – Medium length, double coat, straight, color varies; Shedding – yes; Lifespan – 10–15 years; Temperament – Intelligent, sociable, loyal, playful, and eager to please; Trainable – Very trainable but can act up when bored; Activity – Highly active (needs at least one hour of exercise and intermittent.

The Husky Lab mix is a cross between two of America’s favorite dog breeds; the Siberian Husky and the Labrador Retriever. This friendly and high energy mix goes by many names, including Labsky, Huskador, or Siberian Retriever. Their love of water is taken from the Lab retriever side as these dogs are known for being dogs that enjoy being water. 

They have boundless energy and need to have constant attention and affection from their human family. While its Husky family likes to bark, the Labrador retriever Husky mix is noticeably much calmer and makes less noise. 

The Husky Lab Mix or Siberian Retriever is a very intelligent, lively, energetic and happy dog who will crave attention and want to participate in everything the family is doing. He is affectionate and loyal too and is need for his owner and family to be close means that he can suffer from separation anxiety if left for long periods alone.

The Husky Lab Mix goes in several names, Lab Husky Mix and Labrador Retriever Husky Mix and grows to a lifespan of ten to fifteen years.. Also, it is common to see different eye colors, such as blue or brown. This breed is very friendly and sociable, however, since it is a pack animal, you have to always create exercises that would stimulate.

 A Lab Husky mix is a great family dog, as long as everyone is on-board with the proper way of handling and training it. Consistency is key to ensure this dog is trained and socialized properly. This dog suits all types of owners, from single households to families with small children. For instance, an adult Husky lab mix weighs between 40 and 60 pounds. 

A Husky Lab mix might more Husky or more lab body and facial features. Its coat might be more white, red, yellow, black, brown, or a combination of any of them, and its fur might be short or medium to long. The eyes can be brown or blue, or a combination of both. Husky Lab.

The mix of the mischievous Siberian Husky and the alert German Shepherd, the Gerberian Shepsky is a proud dog that isn’t afraid to have lots of fun.Still, their energy and testing of boundaries will require an owner who is consistent and firm.

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