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When you are choosing a cage for your Syrian hamster, you need to consider several factors.Most importantly, you want to pick a cage that is large enough, safe, and easy to clean. Unfortunately, many cages you will find at the pet store do not meet all these requirements when it comes to Syrian (golden, teddy bear, black bear) hamsters. I have mainly used them in the past for Chinese hamsters. The Fantasy is also suitable for Syrians, but the wheel will need to be replaced with an 8" diameter wheel. Note that a Syrian-sized wheel will only fit in the lower section of the cage, not in the extension levels (wheel shown in picture is a dwarf wheel).

Ferplast Hamster Cage 49.49 x 13.39 16.39 x 16.73 * See

Syrian hamster wheel size. We recommend a minimum wheel size of 8 inches for Syrian hamsters. Dwarf hamster wheel size. For Dwarf and Roborovski hamsters, we’d suggest getting a hamster wheel that is at least 6 inches in diameter. Of course, for all types of hamster, bigger wheels are better.

Syrian hamster wheel diameter. Page 1 of 2 - Best wheel for a syrian? - posted in Supplies & Accessories: Today I accidently dropped my hamster's wheel while cleaning it, and as a result broke it. :( He absolutely loves it so i hopped on the internet to try and find the same wheel (it's been many years since I bought it and it has been passed down from hamster to hamster so i had trouble remembering the brand) eventually I. Preferences. Choice tests with Syrian hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus) have shown that they prefer larger wheels; the animals chose a wheel diameter of 35 cm (14 in) over 23 cm (9 in), which itself was preferred over 17.5 cm (7 in).. Hamsters showed no preference between a relatively uniform running surface made of plastic mesh and a surface made of rungs spaced 9 mm apart, although they did. Winter White minimum wheel size = 6.5 inches (diameter) Chinese hamster minimum wheel size = 6.5 inches (diameter) Syrian Hamster Wheel Size. Syrians are the largest out of the pet hamster breeds and therefore require a slightly larger wheel. Syrians can grow up to 7 inches so choosing a wheel that has a large diameter will be very important.

Syrian hamsters must live on their own as they are territorial mammals and will start to fight with each other once they have reached maturity, which is between 8 and 12 weeks.Syrian hamsters should never be kept in pairs or groups once mature. Even smelling another adult hamster in the same house can cause some upset, so it’s always best to stick to just the one. For a Syrian Hamster that means the wheel should be at least 8 inches (20cm) in diameter. Below you can see our three recommended options when it comes to hamster wheels: Picture . Best Choice. Best price. Size . 9 inches in diameter. 11 inches in diameter. 8.5 inches. Key features. Exercise Wheel – Fully grown Syrian hamsters require a wheel with a diameter of a minimum of 8 inches. Anything smaller will cause your pet to arch their back potentially causing health issues. Some hamster cages already come with a hamster wheel that may or may not be suitable for your pet.

hamsters a choice between a small diameter wheel (13cm) and a larger one (17.5cm). The larger wheel was clearly preferred. We asked whether a similar preference would extend to our even larger wheels, for males as well as females. We offered Syrian hamsters a choice between NalgeneÕs F-size wheels for rats (35cm diameter) and NalgeneÕs L-size Don't worry about the size. In 2005, a study was published on Syrian hamster wheel preference and behavior. One of their findings was a clear preference for larger wheels. From the abstract: The hamsters did express a clear preference for larger wheels (35 versus 23 cm diameter), and for completely circular wheels over truncated ones. Minimum Size Wheel & Ball For A Syrian - posted in Supplies & Accessories: Hello, I bought a cage and all the fixings today for a syrian hamster. All I have left to purchase is a wheel and ball, and to find a baby syrian hamster. What is the minimum size wheel and ball for a syrian? What is the best wheel as far as safety, noise, price.

An 11 inch hamster wheel and a 12 inch hamster wheel provide the roomiest running experience for naturally big, overweight and pregnant Syrian hamsters. 11″ Diameter Wodent Wheel Dark Blue This newer Wodent 11 inch is especially designed for larger furry “pocket pets” such as Syrian hamsters. This super quiet exercise wheel is the perfect size for a small hamster. It comes in 4.5-inch diameter and 6.5-inch diameter (many large Syrian hamsters need an 8-inch or larger wheel!). It features a solid construction, eliminating the possibility of paws, fur, or tails getting stuck during use. Playpen with mat. Kaytee CritterTrail Playpen. A very popular choice amongst hamster owners is the Superpet Comfort Hamster Wheel. The 'large' version is 8.5 inches in diameter and perfect for almost all hamsters! Buy Now

Large hamster wheel: Finding a hamster wheel that’s large and wide enough. When buying a hamster wheel, you need to make sure its both large enough (measured by diameter) and wide enough (measured by the width of the wheel). This is to ensure your hamster doesn’t run with an arched back. Running with an arched back is less enjoyable for. For instance, 6.5-inch wheels or smaller are recommended for “robos”, winter whites, and other dwarf hamsters. If you have a Syrian hamster, you’ll need a bigger wheel that’s at least eight inches. A roborovski dwarf hamster named Ichigo on the hamster wheel | Photo by Sy. You should also take the width of your hamster into account as. Many cages come with a hamster exercise wheel too however often these are far too small for a Syrian hamster. When choosing a hamster exercise wheel it is essential you choose one that is a minimum of 28cm in diameter. Any smaller than 28cm and your hamster will not be able to run with a straight back and potentially develop spinal problems.

Your hamster should be able to run in the wheel without its back arching too much (if at all), but if the wheel is too big, your hamster will have a difficult time actually running and moving the wheel. If given a choice, a hamster will choose a larger wheel over a smaller wheel, with a 14-inch diameter wheel being a favorite size according to. The Wodent Hamster Wheel nail filer inserts automatically files the nails while your hamster runs every night, keeping you safe from the itching and scratches. Pros It has a 12 inch diameter – perfect for a Syrian hamster Syrians grow quite big(for a hamster) and if given the wrong size wheel can develop back and spine problems. Therefore my girl has a 28cm wheel that i brought from amazon. It is the trixie 28cm wheel and looks very large, however this is the reccomended size it is just unfortunate that unlike you many syrian owners do not do their research.

Smaller hamsters, such as dwarf hamsters, like the winter white or Campbell’s hamsters, require a smaller wheel diameter. A 6.5” diameter wheel is enough for them. However, if your hamster is of a large species, like the Syrian hamster, the wheel should be at least 8.5” in diameter. In this case consider larger wheels.

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